This information system is approved for UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO data

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Use of Medical Records

The information that is obtained during your Armed Forces Wellness Center (AFWC) visit will be treated as privileged and confidential as described in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. It is not to be released or revealed to any person except your referring physician without your written consent. However, the information obtained may be used for statistical analysis or scientific purposes with your right to privacy retained.

As part of your AFWC visit, you will be asked to enter Health Assessment Review information into the Health and Wellness Tracker (HWT). The AFWC educator will also enter information and results from your visit into the HWT. If you are a service member, please keep in mind that your answers to questions in the Health Assessment Review will NOT be reported to your Commanders on an individual basis. It is important that you answer all Health Assessment Review questions honestly. Your electronic medical record will also be used by the AFWC educator to reference and document, in HWT, laboratory results and health risk information that specifically applies to your AFWC visit. A summary of your visit will be posted into your electronic medical record.
This information system is approved for UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO data